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“Shigatse” Marymc21′s photos around Shigatse, China

“Shigatse” Marymc21′s photos around Shigatse, China

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Shigatse, China by TravelPod blogger Marymc21 titled “Shigatse” Marymc21′s travel blog entry: “Visited a temple and drove a lot. There’s nowhere like Shigatse, Tibet’s second biggest town, But despite it’s cosmopolitan-ness The food really lets it down.” Read and see more at: www.travelpod.com Photos from this trip: 1. “Breakfast Roll” 2. “Sweets” 3. “Wei Come” 4. “Ta Shi Rest Aurant” 5. “Some big Buddhas” 6. “Monks chanting” 7. “Gyantse Kumbum” 8. “Guardians” 9. “Mary and Guardians” 10. “The sheep was driving, seriously” 11. “Gyantse Fort” 12. “Kids going to school” 13. “Mud bricks out to dry” 14. “km from Shanghai” 15. “Not a good sign…” 16. “Flags like cobwebs” 17. “Prayer flags” 18. “Off into the distance” 19. “Winding road” 20. “Corkscrew hill like you’ve never seen!” See this TripWow and more at tripwow.tripadvisor.com

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