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Sugar-Free Baked Goods That Taste Sweet and Delicious

Sugar-Free Baked Goods That Taste Sweet and Delicious

Just because you have decided to cut out on sugar doesn’t mean that your sweet tooth has to suffer as well. There are so many delicious ways to get around a sugar restriction that you’ll never even miss having sugar in your diet. If you’re a baked goods fan like I am then you’ll find all sorts of recipes which you can use sugar substitutes and other types of sweeteners. You’ll also find that there’s a plethora of sweeteners on the market, including a few made specifically for baking. These tips will help you to create sugar-free baked goods that are as sweet and delicious as those made with regular sugar.

Get to know your sugar substitutes.

Use Splenda Granulated for desserts and baked goods that rely on sugar mainly for taste and sweetness. It’s ideal for use in puddings, custards, ice cream and even cheesecake. Splenda Granulated is also the sugar-free sweetener of choice for quick breads, muffins, cookies and pies.

Things to Know About Baking with Splenda

Splenda Granulated is designed to measure and pour like sugar. One cup of Splenda has the same sweetening power of one cup of sugar.

Splenda can be used in microwave cooking and baking without losing its sweetness, as well as in high altitude baking.

Splenda Blend is the ideal sugar substitute in baked goods like brownies, candies and layer cakes. Because it contains only a small amount of sugar, it gives the volume, browning, moisture and texture that you expect in those recipes. To substitute Splenda Blend for sugar in your recipes, use ½ cup of Blend for every cup of sugar.

Other Sugar Free Baking Tips

Baking with sugar substitutes isn’t exactly like baking with regular sugar. Because sugar does more than just sweeten your baked goods, you may need to make a few other changes in your recipes in order to get the best results.

-         To get the height you expect in layer cakes and quick breads, try baking in 8” cake pans instead of 9” cake pans.

-         For a better rise, try adding ½ cup nonfat dry milk powder and ½ teaspoon of baking soda for every cup of sugar substitute when baking layer cakes.

-         If you’re making custard sauce, pudding or cookies, add an extra teaspoon of vanilla to the recipe to intensify the sweetness.

-         Keep in mind that yeast recipes need real sugar in order to activate the yeast. If you’re making yeast-raised breads or other goodies that rely on yeast, keep at least two tablespoons of sugar in your recipe to activate the yeast.

-         If a pale cake won’t do the trick for you, try spraying the surface of your cake with cooking spray just before baking. Sugar substitutes don’t caramelize like sugar, so you won’t get browning unless you take other steps to get that lovely baked look to your breads, cakes and cookies.

-         Recipes made with sugar substitutes tend to bake faster than those made with sugar. If you’re baking with a sugar substitute, check on your baked goods a few minutes before the recipe calls for to make sure that they don’t overcook. Your cakes may be done up to ten minutes sooner than you expect, and cookies or brownies could be finished up to seven minutes early.

-         Try adding some additional sweetness by using fruit puree to replace some of the shortening or moisture in fruit breads and muffins.

Baking with sugar substitutes does take a little bit of practice to get consistent and reliable results. However, the same could be said about baking with regular sugar. Once you start baking without sugar on a regular basis you may actually find that you like the flavor and the results of your food much better than sweet baked goods made with sugar.

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