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Good Housekeeping Recipes

Good Housekeeping Recipes

Have you ever wondered how to cook exactly the same meals that you have eaten at top class Restaurants? I have, and failed spectacularly. Think of great Restaurants like Pizza Hut, TGI Friday and The Hard Rock Cafe, very impressive food each and every time.

Good Housekeeping Recipes need vital ingredients to make them work. You may think turning your hand to a Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza is easy? Or a TGI Friday Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta can be done by guesswork – well sadly you are mistaken. These Restaurants are succesful because their food is fabulous. Using the right ingredients is paramount – you don’t need to be a great chef. Most of the chefs at these Restaurants are average, that is why these recipes are genuinely easy to follow. The ingredients and exactly the right amount of each ingredient is far more important than the chefs ability.

Imagine being able to save so much money on meals out to these Restaurants. What would you spend your savings on? A holiday, stylish clothes, your children? Well now you can cook these meals quickly and easily at home while entertaining friends maybe? Or having a family get together. How impressed would your guests be? And how proud would you be, serving top class Restaurant food in your own dining room? Well with Good Housekeeping Recipes, you can.

This is by far the most comprehensive guide i have ever come across, focusing on only the best Restaurants with the best food. You can get started in record time because each recipe is written with you in mind. Follow them step by step and you will create exactly the same top class meals you have been eating over the years in The Hard Rock Cafe, Pizza Hut and many more.

I did mention that i failed spectacularly earlier. I did fail regularly and spent many hours agonising where i went wrong. What ingredients i should have used? Oven temperature, too hot, too cool? I decided to search for a way to duplicate the dishes i have been striving to make for years – and found the perfect solution. I have been using the Good Housekeeping Recipe guide for entertaining purposes for nearly a year now and felt the need to share this experience with as many people as possible.

Don’t waste time and money on guesswork, follow the guide and you won’t go wrong.

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