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Kobe Beef Steaks are highly sought around the World for their Distinct and Rich Flavor

Kobe Beef Steaks are highly sought around the World for their Distinct and Rich Flavor

Kobe beef steaks are a very popular type of steak which often can only be found on five star restaurant menus across the world. The reason there are limited locations who offer this steak is the high price involved. A pound of kobe beef can sell for around $200 which means the price of a steak is over 3 times the price of a prime beef steak.


Kobe beef steaks are in such demand because of the wonderful rich flavor they have. These steaks have been known to melt in ones mouth, literally. Kobe beef is much more flavorful than other steaks and is so tender that often no sharp knife is needed. It has a velvety smooth texture which cannot be found in any beef on the market.


Distinctions between other types of beef and Kobe beef are revealed in the type of cattle raised to produce this meat. A Wagyu cattle has 5 particular breeds of cattle and Kobe beef comes from the Japanese Black raised in Kobe, Japan hence the name. Only beef finished in Kobe, Japan can receive the distinction of the name Kobe beef.


The major difference of this breed and the other 4 Wagyu breeds is the type of fat and its distribution. Kobe beef has high percentages of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This coupled with an unevenness of marbling provides the reason for the extreme tenderness of the steak. Kobe beef steaks are much lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than other Wagyu breeds. The meat melts in ones mouth because the fat in a Kobe beef steak melts at 7°C which is a much lower melting point than any other type of beef.


Kobe beef steaks are surprisingly high quality prime beef and in fact goes off the charts for Prime grading in many countries. Preparing a Kobe beef steak takes some care and precision to elicit the best flavor. In fact, the grilling or broiling should be left to professional chefs because the beef is so delicate. It is very difficult to cook at home and get the same results of a restaurant. It is so difficult to cook because of the type of fat present in the steak. As the fat melts so easily, if it is overcooked it will become dry and tough.


Kobe beef steaks are known as the best steaks on the market and although pricey are in high demand.

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