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Recipe For Valentine's Day LOVE: Good Food, Good Wine, Good Music, Candles, Flowers And Rose Quartz Crystals!

Recipe For Valentine's Day LOVE: Good Food, Good Wine, Good Music, Candles, Flowers And Rose Quartz Crystals!

So, you want to re-light the fire with your spouse? You want to get more romance and good sex into the act? Maybe you are single and you want to meet someone special? There are a variety of steps that you can take, and why not try?

Food: You can cook a wonderful dinner, something that you’re good at, even if it is something simple to cook, or you can get take-out from a decent restaurant, bring it home and put it on nice plates with silverware and glasses to drink from.

Wine: You can pick up a bottle of wine or champagne, even if it is a five dollar bottle, it is the thought that counts! For those who are opposed to alcohol, for whatever reason, you can get a bottle of grape juice that looks like a wine bottle.

Candles: They do not have to be long, skinny candles in an candelabra, they can be a couple of fat candles that come in a jar, again it is the thought that counts!

Flowers: You may not be able to afford a dozen, long-stem red roses for your favorite someone, or your first date, but most grocery stores in America sell a few flowers in the produce section. You can even get a single, long-stem red rose!

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Music: When you have this dinner date, put on some nice music that you will both enjoy, preferably something romantic.

Rose Quartz Crystals: Are usually an ideal component of good luck charm and amulets that are effective at attracting Love & Romance…such as in the Love Inducing Rose Quartz Miracle Bag, which we sell many of lately!

Romance: Enjoy some nice conversation, some kissing and what comes naturally…

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