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A Look At Traditional Scottish Foods

A Look At Traditional Scottish Foods

Boasting a rich, cultural experience that’s more than just bagpipes and highland cows, Scotland is an interesting country to visit at any time of year. A visit to this exciting island will be of particular interest to foodies of all persuasions however, who will have their taste buds tantalised at every turn thanks to a host of traditional Scottish foods.


So where to start? Perhaps the most famous of all Scottish foods on the menu, the haggis is a traditional delicacy whose origin in steeped in myth and fact. An oval shaped bag – sometimes made from sheep’s stomach – forms the haggis’ iconic silhouette whilst a melee of carrots, oats, mince meat and pulses makes for a delicious filling. In recent years, a vegetarian version of the haggis has also been made available but still fits its original purpose – to act as a nutritious meal for anyone weathering the highlands or even the rat race!


While haggis is a popular mains dish, that’s not to say the people of Scotland don’t have a sweet tooth too. Naturally, shortbread proves both popular and iconic amongst foodies of all ages. A butter and flour based biscuit which is covered in a sprinkling of sugar, shortbread is the ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea or as a mid afternoon pick-me-up. Available in a range of shapes such as ‘finger’, ‘petticoat’ and ‘wheel’, shortbread is now exported right across the globe but remains synonymous with Scotland.


Alongside shortbread, oats have long played a leading role in the traditional Scots diet. Needless to say, oatcakes – a light, biscuit cooked with rolled or milled oats – remains popular. Today oatcakes still serve a range of purposes including use as a side dish, lunch box filler or even the base for up-market canapés. Viewed as a delicious and natural high energy food, Scottish oatcakes are just as much at home in the lunch packs of busy, city dwellers as they are on the windswept crofts of Scotland’s highlands and islands.


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