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Chinese 101

Chinese 101

This was my project for my Chinese 101 portfolio. Prepare for bad pronunciation and grammar. Please don’t bash me for my horrible Chinese speaking skills if you’re a fluent Chinese speaker. And don’t bash at how badly this was set up or the video quality, I only made this at the last minute and was testing my new camcorder. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: “This is Pathetic” “I want a girlfriend” “I have an idea” “Hello to all the ladies! My name is Tyler Tang. I am 19 years old. My birthday is November 12. I am a college student at ASU. I study film and like watching movies. This is my family. This is my mom. This is my dad. I have an older sister and a younger sister. This is my older sister and younger sister. Again, I like watching movies and making movies. I also like singing and listening to music. I think both Chinese music or American music are very good. I don’t like playing ball. I think I play ball very bad. I have one Chinese class. Chinese is not that easy. I think I write Chinese characters bad and very slow. But I think speaking Chinese is not too difficult. I like to eat Chinese food. In addition to eating, I know how to cook. Often I drink green tea but i don’t like to drink coffee. Sorry to all the ladies that like coffee. I would like a woman who is very pretty, knows how to cook Chinese food, and likes to have fun. I don’t like women that wear very expensive clothes every day (high maintenance). I like women that wear something simple.” “You like? Call me at 555

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