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Cooking Fish, A Rum Recipe From Hawaii

Cooking Fish, A Rum Recipe From Hawaii

To be a great fish cook, and make up your own recipe for fish using rum, start with a visit to the Koloa Rum Company in Hawaii. Monchong

It’s easy to create your own recipe for fish without a recipe book when you’re armed with basic cooking methods. I’ve got a piece of “Monchung” fish in the refrigerator, a fish I’ve never heard of before. Even though I’ve never worked with Monchung fish before, I’m already decided on a sauté procedure for dinner tonight, using this new Hawaiian fish and some local rum to deglaze the pan and add flavor to the pan sauce.

It’s very difficult, and a bit silly to bring your cookbooks with you on vacation. Yes, you can find recipes on the computer, but why spend vacation time surfing indoors when you can do real surfing outdoors?

The best way to learn to cook by method is to start with a basic sauté. There are four elements to consider when writing your own sauté recipe.

1. Protein Product – In this case, it’s the Monchung fish
2. Vegetables/Aromatics – Garlic, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms
3. Deglazing liquid – Koloa Rum Company Rum
4. Type of Fat – Olive Oil

Now, the steps are always the same, regardless of the protein, aromatics, liquid and fat that you choose, follow the sauté method that I’ll demonstrate today.

If you want to create a rum recipe to cook fish, or become a great fish cook, just remember the four elements of basic sauté. You’ll be able to create a recipe for fish that you’ve never heard of before, using the ingredients you desire, even rum from Hawaii.

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