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Washington DC New Years Eve Sweet Treats

Washington DC New Years Eve Sweet Treats

This article will give you ideas for sweet treats and confections to make for your Washington DC New Years Eve party. Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are fool-proof snacks that will win your guests over. You can even let them create their own special cookies.

If you know anyone looking for things to do in Washington dc on new years eve, tell them to come to your house and bake with you. Start by making some cakes. If you do not think you can hand carve a cake into the shape you want, buy a shaped cake pan. You can make a 2012 shaped cake and decorate it with multi-colored confetti sprinkles, or you can make a big ball shaped cake (round on top) and decorate it to look like the ball in Times Square.

Use the leftover cake batter to make cupcakes. You can do huge cupcakes, regular size cupcakes, or even miniature cupcakes. You can lay the cupcakes out in the shape of the numbers 2012, and frost the cupcakes in each number with different colored icing (I.e.- blue 2, green 0, yellow 1, red 2). You can also use a fine point decorating tool to write out Happy Washington DC New Years Eve, putting one letter on each cupcake. Then, lay the cupcakes out on a platter so that people can read the words. Another idea for cupcakes is to decorate them like miniature ball drop balls.

A fun hands-on project for your new years eve in Washington dc party guests is cookie decorating. This is especially popular with the younger crowd. You can bake the cookies beforehand or at the party. Sugar cookies work best for this type of project. You can either provide your guests with store bought cake icing, or you can give them plain white icing and food coloring so they can create their own colors.

In conclusion, there are several creative ways to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for Washington DC New Years Eve. Unique colorfully decorated sweets are enjoyed by everyone, and your guests will appreciate the personal creative touch that you took time to put into the treats.

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