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Watch me shrink! 1. day and explanation

Watch me shrink! 1. day and explanation

Ok, I’m really bad at editing so I’m going to write all the information in the description below :) I currently weigh 69.5 kilos (153.2 lbs) and my height is 165 cm so I’m pretty short. I have never weighed so much in my entire life. It comes as a shock- I was really scared to step on a scale the last few weeks but I couldn’t guess the drop would be this big and painful. I NEED to lose 9 kilos (19.8 lbs) so my goal would be 60.5 kilos (133.3 lbs). The thing that’s stopping me is a really bad relationship with food. I have entered the binging and purging circle and I’m doing it absolutely consciously just because I know it’s the easiest way… I have always been quite active and a bit more athletic looking but lately I’ve been struggling with a depression and it has led me to all the wrong tracks and has entirely ruined the balance of my body. I’ve read so much about healthy lifestyle, calories etc and I have tried some extreme diets. But the result is just awful- I’ve gained it all back with extra-ugly cellulite. Oh, and when it comes to sweets.. With chocolate, I can even hold myself back, but man, when it comes to bisquits or morning cereals, I’m a total junkie. Other than that- I’m quite healthy! Anyways, summer is coming way too fast and I have only a bit more than a month to reach my goal.. If this video blogging thing will help me (as I’ve seen it helping manymany others), then I’m willing give it a try. Lots of sun! :)

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