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Ideas of Fresh Fruit Usage

Ideas of Fresh Fruit Usage

Every one likes to eat fresh fruits, it is one of the few mandatory pleasures that we can take for granted. Do not only eat the fruits, people also use it in other applications. Growing your own fruits could be a valuable experience. The society today develops rapidly, so some old fruit usages are abandoned by people. People need to reawaken their passion for fruits. If you have great imagination, you will find other ways to eat fruits besides eat it fresh and whole.


The first one is juice. It is a very quick and easy method. Because most fruits are rich in water and flesh, so we can get a cool refreshing drink by squeezing or crushing it. When making a light summer drink, what you need is citrus and berries. They have mild to strong, sweet and sour taste, which is totally refreshing for a hot summer afternoon. What’s more, for those thicker juices such as bananas, papaya and mango; you can use them to make smoothies. Drinking a cup of fresh fruit juice could guarantee your whole day of energy and digestion.


The second one is the cakes and pastries which uses fresh fruits. This idea is special for those who love baking or have a sweet tooth; fruits like berry and pome are the best materials for baking. People even prefer to add a vibrant tangy taste to the pastry dish and with a little bit of cinnamon, work like a charm.


Then chopping fruit can be used to make chutney which is a typical south Asian spice. Asians like to cook it with dishes. Their texture can vary from rough to smooth and their spiciness varies too, from hot to mild.


In addition, in some restaurant, we can see many dishes impresses people a lot by its elegant garnishing. This is also a usage of fruits. Different from others, the fruits chef use to make garnishing is usually with both bright color and light to eat. Citrus are quite popular, as are berries.


What’s more, salads are the food popular in hot weather and welcomed by people who plans to losing weight. Fresh fruits can be used to make a fruit salad or mixed fruit and vegetable salad. When preparing mixed fruit and vegetable salads, grated fruits such as apples, pears and coconut, to blend in quite well. Lemons can also be used to rinse through salad leaves, their acidic qualities kill germs and add flavor.

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